Where does Satori source its tea?

We source our teas from the finest tea growers in India.

Do you use any flavoring for the teas?

We do not use any artificial flavoring in our teas. We believe in savoring each cup in its purest form. Some of our teas are blended with natural dried ingredients that are locally sourced.

Where are the teas blended?

The teas are blended with utmost care and finesses at our Bombay studio with the help of an experienced tea taster and blender. After blending they undergo a stringent quality check.

How long do the teas remain fresh?

The shelf life of tea is two years when stored in an airtight container away from direct sunlight. We recommend that you consume our teas within one year of purchase to get the best results.

What is the best way to store the teas?

Tea is best stored in a cool, dark place, in an airtight container. The hygroscopic nature of tea allows it to easily absorb moisture and all scents around it. So always keep it away from spices and perfumes.

Can we make iced teas using Satori teas?

We have a select few teas that can be brewed as iced teas. Please check the discovery page of the tea for brewing instructions. 

I am unable to place an order online. How do I proceed?

Please contact our customer service at sip@satoritea.in or call us on +91-9987929000.

Can I change my order once it has been placed?

Unfortunately, you cannot change an order once it has been placed.

Can I send the package as a gift?

Yes, you can! We provide gift boxes with an assortment of teas and accessories. Please write to us at sip@satoritea.in or call us on +91-9987929000 for more details. We do provide an optio to add a personalised message to each order.

What payment type does Satori. accept? 

We accept Cash on Delivery as well as the following payment options:

Is my personal information kept safe with Satori?

Yes. We do not keep hold of any of your banking details.

Can I track my order?

Once your order has been placed, you will receive a confirmation email with a tracking number.

Do you accept return on teas?

Due to our Food Safety Quality Control program and insurance regulations, we are unable to accept returns of any food products. Tea and other consumable botanicals are considered food products; therefore we are not able to accept any returns on tea due to possible food contamination. PLEASE NOTE: shipping is non-refundable on any orders. Please kindly review and confirm your order before completing payment. If you are not satisfied for any other reason, please contact our office directly at  sip@satoritea.in or +91-9987929000

Why are some teas labeled as 30gms and some as 50gms?

Each tin is packed as full as possible with tea, and all the tins are the same size and volume. It is easier to fit more of the smaller-cut tealeaves into the tin, bringing the total weight up to 50 gms. Some blends contain larger or lighter leaves or herbs, which will take up more space in the tin and therefore the full tin will weigh less. Weights are not important - the key is that one teaspoon of loose tea will make a nice, strong cup of tea, regardless of weight. It is the volume of tea that determines how many cups you will be able to brew. Therefore every small tin contains enough tea to brew 12 – 20 cups.