Brewing Notes

Since our teas are extremley delicate in nature, we highly recommend that you take that extra step to brew yourself a beautiful cup.

  • Take a moment and inhale the aroma of the tea leaves.
  • Place the tea leaves in a dry mug.
  • Always remember to pour the heated water over the tea leaves.
  • Place a lid on the mug and wait while your tea is brewing.
  • Do not use small strainers to brew the tea. Since our tea leaves are large in size, they require enough room so that the leaves can unfurl completely. The confined space in a small strainer will not allow the leaves to open entirely, affecting the taste of your brew.
  • Multiple brews can be enjoyed for all our teas. We recommend that you re-use the tea leaves at least 2-3 times. Just make sure to increase the brewing time consecutively.
  • Inhale the aroma and sip away.